[0129] 20th Century Masterpieces : 100 Years of Classical Music. Volume 1

20th Century Masterpieces : 100 Years of Classical Music

EMI Classics, 2008

Vol.1 – CDs 01-08

The works in this set of 16 CDs have been arranged in strict chronological order of composition, the first disc beginning with a work from 1901 that has become one of the most popular works in the classical repertoire, mainly through its use in another great 20th-century art form – film (Rachmaninov’s Second Piano Concerto). Thereafter each disc in the set takes the listener on a fascinating journey through the century, composer by composer and work by work, from Russian Romanticism, French Impressionism, English Pastoralism, Atonalism, Neo Classicism right up to Post Modernism, and from as wide a range of countries and genres as possible.

Classics, December 14, 2008:

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