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Accessibility & Health Care at Roots N Blues

Getting to and Around the Festival for Those with Limited Mobility

Started by a member of the ADA community, Chuck Graham, our Accessibility Program seeks to make Roots N Blues as accessible as possible for those with limited mobility and other disabilities, whether permanent or temporary, that make getting around the festival grounds difficult. Though Chuck has passed on, the program he started is now run by Melissa Langley, a health care worker and long-time assistant director under Chuck.

This program reserves the entire Reichmann Pavilion parking lot, which is located directly beside the festival entrance, for vehicles with ADA tags. The program also provides a fleet of golf carts sponsored by Restoration Eye Care and staffed by our dedicated Accessibility Volunteer Team. These carts transport people throughout the festival grounds in a continuous loop. This loop is illustrated on the festival map (available via the Roots N Blues app, which we recommend you download ahead of the festival) and each stop is marked with a clearly-identifiable ADA symbol and provides seating while you await a cart. Many of these carts can accommodate wheel chairs, either with the help of the Accessibility Team or via automated lift. Though disabled individuals will be accommodated first, the service is also open to the elderly, the injured, parents with small children, and anyone who may have difficulty getting around the grounds. The carts can typically accommodate several people at a time and will transport as many people in a given party as there are available seats in the cart.

Watching the Performances

New for 2022, Restoration Eye Care will also provide financial support for designated ADA viewing platforms at both the Equipment Share and MU Health Care stages, which provide good views of the stages for those who may have issues watching from the main standing and sitting areas. These platforms are both marked in the festival mobile app, available for download later this month.

First Aid and Emergency Services

MU Health Care provides a First Aid Tent, which can be found on the festival map, where guests can receive care for overheating, dehydration, minor cuts and scrapes, fatigue, or other small medical issues. A cot, cool water, and basic first aid equipment are available. In the event of a medical emergency, an EMS team and ambulances are on-site and ready to help.

Lactation Station

Adjoining the MU Health Care First Aid Tent, guests can find the Lactation Station, which offers a comfortable, private place for new parents to breastfeed, pump breast milk, and simply take a break from the festival with their child. The tent is stocked with wipes, hand sanitizer, chairs, and electrical outlets for pumping. Coolers are not allowed into the festival, but exceptions are made for individuals that need to store breast milk.

Staying Hydrated

Though Missouri Octobers tend to be mildly warm in the day and cool at night, it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the festival weekend due to all the sunshine, walking and, of course, dancing. Culligan is providing free water stations on the festival grounds, which can be found on the festival map. Empty water bottles are allowed into the festival, so you can refill as much as you want and help keep Roots N Blues eco-friendly.  Also, in coordination with Logboat Brewing and our affiliated nonprofit, Friends of the Festival,  all bars on site will be selling Friends Water in alumimum cans which are 100% recyclable.  Profits from the sale of these cans will support equitable pay for the many local individuals who put their day jobs aside to assist in building the festival’s infrastructure in the week leading up to the event. 

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