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Ana Popovic releases “Recipe is Romance” video

Ana Popovic has released a music video for “Recipe is Romance.” It’s the second single from her upcoming album, Power, available on May 5th.

About the song, Ana says, “Self-love is the first and foremost in this song. The story that people see is a romantic music video of a woman getting ready for her date, getting the right clothes, cooking her best meal – looking at the cookbook while taking a bath, in her own speed, it’s a laidback day of her getting ready for the evening. But the hidden message here is – women are being diagnosed with what seems like a devastating prognosis every day on this planet. Some women are being left by their partners to battle it alone, can you believe that?! Some are being left what they and the world see as less ‘women’ than before.”

Popovic adds, “This is basically a POWERFUL message that you can still feel good in your skin, feel attractive, feel sexy, just a few months after a treatment and you can get on with your new life – there is future! – You can reinvent and embrace your new look, your new self- and love it and let the world around you witness your strength and your beauty while you discover a new YOU. Apart from that it’s a gorgeous song and a showcase to some awesome jazzy licks on my D’Angelico guitar and even Yamaha nylon string guitar played simultaneously.”


1. Rise Up! (4:45)
2. Power Over Me (3:42)
3. Doin’ This (3:38)
4. Luv’n Touch (4:09)
5. Queen Of The Pack (3:28)
6. Strong Taste (3:35)
7. Recipe Is Romance (4:12)
8. Deep Down (3:52)
9. Ride It (3:51)
10. Flicker & Flame (2:41)
11. Tun My Luck (2:24)

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