Association of Performing Arts Professionals’ New Podcast “ARTS. WORK. LIFE.” — Episode 6

This new podcast features the untold stories of people working in the arts industry and how the past few years have affected them


How has the pandemic, call for racial reckoning, and mass resignations impacted your work life in the performing arts? The Association of Performing Arts Professionals, with the support of the Wallace Foundation, wanted to find out. This new podcast, “ARTS. WORK. LIFE.” welcomes arts workers to tell their own stories.

Season 1 Episode 6

Life is full of setbacks and detours, so knowing when to change direction is invaluable. Episode 6 tells stories about letting go: of artistic identities, of jobs, of career expectations, and, sometimes, of cherished friends and colleagues.

In this episode, quartet founder and violist Roselie Samter (Boston, MA) tells her story of how the pursuit of artistic perfection led to a health crisis that ultimately gave her the clarity she needed to let go;  theater consultant Randall Presswood (Charlotte, NC) describes how after 30 years, stepping away from a job can sometimes be stepping into both uncertainty and joy; and professor of dance Madia Cooper-Ashirifi (Gainesville, GA) describes a time of great personal loss that also became a moment when she discovered her strength, confidence and grace.

Want to tell your bold, untold story on a future season of ARTS. WORK. LIFE.? Submit your story here.

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