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Australian Rock and Country duo Lowheart EP release "Roots Run Deep"


The latest offering from Australian Rock and Country recording duo Lowheart, “Roots Run Deep“, is their first EP length release after 6 albums and 4 singles, and is a six-track collection of traditional American folk songs, all originating from well before the birth of rock ‘n’ roll. These classic songs reflect the origins of both Country Music and The Blues, and are all around 100 years old (and in the case of “Wayfaring Stranger”, around 200 years old!). They are so old in fact that the original songwriters cannot be identified, and as such the songs are all in the public domain. They have all been covered numerous times over the years by a great many artists, and have now been given the Lowheart treatment on “Roots Run Deep”, often with unique new arrangements that inject a different perspective and feel to these familiar songs. 

The instrumentation, production, and musical style are in a similar vein to the sounds presented on their most recent album “Catharsis” – being driven by the acoustic guitar, with passionate vocals, and each featuring a memorable and dynamic lead guitar solo. 

Roots Run Deep” covers the spectrum of pre-rock American musical genres (with the exception of jazz); ie. blues, country, folk, hillbilly, bluegrass, and gospel – the amalgam of which can best be described in modern terms as Roots/Americana or Alt-Country, with the addition of Lowheart’s ever-present rock edge. Among the lyrical themes featured in these songs include those of spirituality, redemption, temptation, punishment, loneliness, isolation, sorrow, and loss, with classic settings such as trains, prisons, whore-houses, and biblical legends. “Roots Run Deep” presents a concise summary of the roots of rural American guitar music, with a fresh take on some much-loved and well-worn classics.  

The EP is available on AppleMusic, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, Deezer, Tidal, and most other​streaming platforms worldwide.

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