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Black Keys Cover Junior Kimbrough’s Crawlin’ King Snake

Black Keys Cover Junior Kimbrough's Crawlin' King Snake

I found it interesting to see this posted on the usually great Cover Me blog. Some basic historical points and comparisons were made and yet there was no mention of the fact that Dan, Pat, Kenny, and Eric are covering Junior Kimbrough’s version.

Contrary to what’s stated in the Cover Me post, this has nothing to do with Thorogood or The Doors or 1960’s “psychedelic blues-rock” nor does Dan sing in a monotone and it’s not an “open-ended jam.”

I don’t get the point of Cover Me’s post. Granted, the songwriter is listed as John Lee Hooker, but the barest of research…a simple google search for Black Keys Crawlin’ King Snake would or should clue you in. 

To not, at the very least, act as if you’ve heard Junior’s version is just plain lazy. To be sure, Cover Me is a great blog and the fact that it’s survived and thrived this long is beyond commendable considering how many music blogs have died in the last ten years. They just bobbled the research ball a bit on this one. Kudos to Dan, Pat, and particularly Kenny and Eric for keeping Junior Kimbrough’s sound alive and presenting and representing that vibe to a new audience.

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