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Blood Rhythms – Mirages Against Concrete

Blood Rhythms - Mirages Against Concrete

The churn of deep vibrations is like the prop of a massive ship displacing a thick medium. Revolutions per minute are the reverberating rhythms undulating through the vast expanse.  Arvo Zylo has procured a sonic heavy. Bookend by beatnik delivered
poetry, the aural chapters within evoke the bleakest of thoughts.
Electronic energy radiating in dizzying flux. A forlorn world of sound
brought to the surface by a great seismic event. Fragments of dormant
peacefulness have been up-heaved, showing their twisted encapsulated and
bound roots. Everything seems to hang in timeless stasis as a stronger
current of frayed mayhem envelopes the moment. Sounds reach into a conscious place. A location always under protection by the restraints of the environment kept. As the sonic tendrils augment in chaotic forays, the inner establishment of make shift mediocrity falls apart.


Blood Rhythms is a long going collaborative project with Arvo Zylo at the helm. Most of the releases falling under Arvo’s label, No Part Of It, but a few have exploded on close radius labels. Mirages Against Concrete is one of these, falling under Bob Bucko Jr’s Personal Archives label. As with many Blood Rhythms compositions, this is a massive amount of work, eight tracks spanning an hour an a half. The longest, “Unthink / Alien Hands / Strange Love”, is a body of work unto itself. This selection features Jacob DeRaadt & Bruce Lamont and begins with a brief sample of funk music that slips into oblivion. David Oakspawn is the collaborative artist on “Thin Places”. This is the second longest track at just under twenty three minutes. Wind torn emptiness of vast desolation has been exposed, the conscious recedes into the cave of the skull. Another long drone decay is the selection “Blood Condensate” with artist 156. An industrial dream world of slow moving machinery and drifting energy globules. Many of the included tracks differ completely from the opening selection, “Living Words”, with spoken poetry by Joan Pope. A more structured piece containing consistent rhythm and ethereal words of wisdom, with passages changing almost without notice.

There are some different options for purchase for Mirages Against Concrete.

  •  Mirages Against Concrete (cassette on its own)
  • Mirages Against Concrete + Love Letter To No One Volume Two (A Mix Tape by Arvo Zylo) 
  • The Winter 2022 Cassette Batch (four Personal Archives Releases)

 All of these are currently available from Personal Archives bandcamp page.




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