Candy Dulfer ‘We Never Stop’

Candy Dulfer, We Never Stop

By Martine Ehrenclou

Dutch superstar saxophonist, singer, songwriter Candy Dulfer, carves out a funky party with infectious grooves and superb sax on We Never Stop. Featuring multi Grammy-winning guitarist Niles Rodgers and famed bass player Marcus Miller, the album is set to release October 28 via The Funk Garage/Mascot Label Group.

Candy Dulfer and her talented band emerged from the world-wide pandemic with fierce determination to uplift and stand strong against the pain and strife of the world. Her weapon is We Never Stop, a non-stop blast of contemporary funk, jazz, R&B and pop with some of the best sax playing you’ll hear all year.

We Never Stop feels like more of a collective rather than a showcase for Candy Dulfer. Which points directly to one of the main themes of her new album—joining together to welcome all who bring something to the table.

As a solo artist and songwriter, in-demand instrumentalist and collaborator, Candy Dulfer has worked with some of the biggest names in modern music including Van Morrison, Mavis Staples, Maceo Parker, Lionel Richie, Pink Floyd, Beyonce, Aretha Franklin and last but not least Prince.

Any musician who toured and recorded with Prince had to be of the highest caliber. Candy Dulfer is one of them. She performed with Prince on TV shows, at The Grammy Awards, in studio sessions, and became a permanent member of his Musicology tour and album.

Prince influences can be heard on We Never Stop. From the funky rhythms to a few of the lead vocals from Dutch vocalist Ivan Peroti on a few tracks. They are a welcomed and refreshing nod to The Purple One.

We Never Stop is a feel-good, romp-stomp with Candy’s superb sax playing lighting up the 14 tracks of stanky jams, smooth R&B, jazz and contemporary funk. The lyrics reflect the toll the pandemic took on music communities and the racial divide–all with a positive, inspiring vibe.

Candy shares, “The main spirit of this music is to elevate. It feels like it’s never been more important to not wallow in the hurt and the pain in the world, and let that defeat us. That’s why I called this album, We Never Stop.”

With slick production, We Never Stop kicks off with the funky party jam, “YeahYeahYeah.” This is vintage funk with a modern spin. With hints of P-Funk and Prince, it’s Dulfer’s staccato alto sax that cuts through the mix with rich tones and fabulous rhythm. Right from the start, you can hear her love of this music.

Candy Dulfer is a lifelong musician with an impressive career as a solo artist. She’s released 12 studio albums and toured the world for over 35 years and her debut album Saxuality earned a Grammy nomination. Her father, Hans Dulfer, is a well-known saxophonist.

A mid-tempo slow jam, “Mo’ Seats At The Table” speaks to the notion of welcoming everyone. Smooth lead vocals are shared by Dulfer and Dutch vocalist Ivan Peroti, until Dulfer’s sax solo flows in, her tone beautiful with the kind of phrasing only a pro could create with such ease. The track moves into an ultra-funky groove mid song and Peroti allows his Prince influence to surface in his vocals.

“Jammin’ Tonight” blasts off with the help of the legendary Niles Rodgers on guitar. It’s not unlike an 80s pop hit but fun all the same. It’s a high energy groove and you can just hear it on rotation for New Year’s Eve. The horn section of Dulfer (alto sax), Philip Lassiter (trumpet), Sam Greenfield (tenor and baritone sax), Efe Erdem (trombone), is tremendous. Top shelf.

More modern funky songs to follow such as “Say Something,” a great song if I ever heard one. Featuring a lovely melody with Peroti working his magic on vocals and Dulfer adding her powerful, punchy sax runs. Backing vocals from all involved add richness to this winner.

Don’t miss the up-tempo title track “We Never Stop” and “The Walls,” featuring bass master Marcus Miller, a contemporary R&B number. “Perspective” featuring Durand Bernarr, Aron Hodek and Philip Lassiter, is a grand funk number that will hurl you onto the dance floor.

Candy Dulfer has a magical ability on saxophone. Versatile is not just a word here. From warm, soulful tones to full throttle jams, she has mastered her instrument as one of the most memorable voices on the planet. Her playing shines on the slower jams as well as the high-energy tracks. As top-tier pros go, Dulfer integrates her talents to make everyone involved sound the best they can be. That’s the fabulous Candy Dulfer.

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