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Cartoon Forest – Cartoon Forest II

Cartoon Forest - Cartoon Forest II

A bubbling pool of mud, the smell of sulfur permeates the air in distant directions. This is a cauldron of simmering elements, hydrogen, phosphorus, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. This slow timeless boil forms dna, amino acids and all of the intricacies making up the foundation of life. Cartoon Forest II is primordial, the beginning of the mystery to eventually become life as we seek to understand it. The sonic details within reflect this, an aural soup, a rhythmic punctuation in a sea of timeless expanse. These sounds are part of us and will be us, consciousness holding station in flow of everything around us.


Cartoon Forest is Ryan Emmett, Eric Messerall, and Michael Skz. As noted in the title, this is the second composition by the project. The first, Cartoon Forest was on Ryan Emmett’s label White Reeves Productions released on cassette in 2018. The biggest difference is the change from a heavier industrial weight to the organic flow of natural energy. From the opening track “Beginning”, the slow curves of evolution are juxtaposed with angular chaos of space beyond. This mysterious beautiful relationship persists through the entire composition. A fledgling familiar sonic world baked in radioactive anti-rhythms. A beautifully unusual aural space achieved with incredibly pristine creativity.


Cassettes are part of the 2022 the Crash Symbols catalog. An edition of one hundred with only a dozen remaining from the label. Amazingly recorded live a few years ago. Crash Symbols with another incredible relationship. The very fitting artwork is from Wouter Vanhaelemeesch. Don’t miss this one!




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