Ambient Music

Ambient music is a type of music that is created to bring about a mood or atmosphere. It is typically characterized by the use of sustained chords and soft melodies.

The first ambient album was released in 1978 by Brian Eno, titled Music for Airports. He wanted to create an environment that would be relaxing for people who were waiting in airports.

Adrian Belew, Don Preston, Mike Keneally, and Jon Anderson Remember Frank Zappa – Avant Music News

Source: Guitar Player. If there’s one thing that unifies the extraordinarily pluralist catalog Zappa created over his lifetime, it is this combination of “popular” and “unpopular” music. From the Mothers of Invention’s 1966 debut, Freak Out!(opens in new tab), to landmark titles like Hot Rats(opens in new tab), Apostrophe (’)(opens …

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Andrew Raffo Dewar, John Hughes, Chad Popple – Reflejos IV-VII [Waveform Alphabet WA002] – Avant Music News

Reflejos IV-VII is the second release from the transatlantic trio of soprano saxophonist Andrew Raffo Dewar, double bassist John Hughes, and percussionist Chad Popple. Like 2018’s Reflejo, the work on which this release continues and extends, Reflejos IV-VII was recorded in Hamburg, Germany, where Hughes and Popple are currently based. …

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They Sounded Featured Performances – Avant Music News

Source: They Sounded. Since February 2018, Nameless Sound and Lawndale Art Center have hosted “They, Who Sound”, a weekly concert series featuring experimental musicians, sound artists, improvisers, noise-makers, art performers, and more. The series centers Houston’s vibrant and diverse community of sonic artists, but also includes regional, national and international …

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