Ambient Music

Ambient music is a type of music that is created to bring about a mood or atmosphere. It is typically characterized by the use of sustained chords and soft melodies.

The first ambient album was released in 1978 by Brian Eno, titled Music for Airports. He wanted to create an environment that would be relaxing for people who were waiting in airports.

Gapplegate Reviews – Avant Music News

Source: Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review. Miniature Symphonies, Contemporary Examples by Milhaud, Mason, Benton, Nakatani, Scott, The Lowell Chamber Orchestra, Orlando Cela Monica Pearce, Textile Fantasies James Romig, The Complexity of Distance, Mike Scheidt, Solo Electric Guitar Claire Bryant, Whole Heart, New Music for Cello and Cello with Violin, Viola Like …

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Cristiano Bocci – Beyond the Dark Zone (2022; Unexplained Sounds Group) – Avant Music News

Cristiano Bocci covers a lot of ground on this new release – from drone to ambient jazz to pieces driven by post-techno synthetic percussion. Bocci plays electric and acoustic basses, guitars, synths, and electronics. Guesting on various tracks are numerous horn and reed performers, a pianist, and a vocalist. Where …

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La meccanica degli oggetti, by Macrogramma

La meccanica degli oggetti(Soundtrack to “UNDICI” by Dario Panzeri) SIDE A “La meccanica degli oggetti”(The mechanics of objects): the personal acknowledgement of how helpless we are against the emotional connection between cause and effect. SIDE B “Due collisoni” (Two collisions): NYC – September 11th 2001, first collision (08:46), second collision …

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