Cheap DJ Gear

Cheap DJ Gear & Equipments

Cheap DJ Gear & Equipments

Where to find it

If you are an aspiring DJ and are looking to get started, you are likely looking for an option to save some money by getting yourself cheap DJ gear. There are a number of websites online that specialize in selling DJ equipment. These sites provide everything you may need to be a DJ. Some examples of these sites are:,,,, and On those sites you can find package deals or individual items. You may find that the cheapest DJ gear can be purchased from websites that ship directly from China such as and Caution is advised however as it is difficult to know for certain the quality of the product and customer experience. Perhaps it would be best to try a smaller order at first, and if all goes well then make future orders bigger. Also note that when dealing with these sites, because of the distance you may find it more difficult to send faulty items back. You can also expect it to take much longer to receive your items.

Another option would be to look on online markets where people are selling their brand new or secondhand items like Ebay or Amazon. Depending on the deals you can find this may be the best option in finding lower prices on the cheap DJ gear you are looking for. Especially with auction style sales one may be able to find a more reasonable price.


What you need

If you are recently getting started in the hobby you may not know what all is necessary to get started. In this case it is best to ask those who know it best. There are online hubs where many DJs offer tips, experience, and advice to others. One such place is

What equipment you may need depends on the person, but in general the following are the essentials. First you will need something to play audio (Turntables, computer, DJ controller, or mobile device). Second, you will need an audio interface that allows you to direct the audio to external and internal software. You will also need a controller for your computer, a DJ mixer, headphones, and a speaker system. With these basics, you will be ready to go. If you are just getting started, it would probably make more sense to buy secondhand or used equipment. This is undoubtedly the best way to save money, and it will allow you to gain knowledge and experience before spending a significant amount of money on the best quality gear.

Before you go out and purchase your DJ gear it would be smart to gain some hands on experience and knowledge. Be sure that you are a well-informed consumer. You can do so by seeking advice from someone who has experience in the business. It is likely they can help you avoid making the common rookie mistakes. Another good idea would be to go to a store in-person. Surely, the salesmen will try to sell you their products, but don’t fall for it. Use their knowledge as a way to educate yourself and familiarize yourself with prices, brand names, etc.

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