Cheap DJ Speakers

Cheap DJ Speakers - How to become a DJ

Cheap DJ Speakers - How to become a DJ


Read before going for cheap DJ speakers

If you want to be a DJ, of course one of the first things you’ll need are speakers or PA speakers. However, deciding what kind of speakers to get can be difficult. First you need to determine what kind of gigs you’ll be performing or for what purpose these speakers are going to serve. After determining what types of shows you’ll be doing, you can then figure out what size speakers you will need (12 inch, 15 inch, etc). The versatility of your speakers is also something you may want to consider. How easy are they to transport? Be sure to go to retail stores in person, not just one but a few. See what they have to say. Getting varied and diverse opinions is highly recommended. The idea is to educate yourself as much as possible before making a purchase. Then you are going to have to decide if you want to buy speakers with built in amplifiers, or the more traditional style of having external amplifiers. The advantages of having built in amplifiers are that they are proportionate to the speakers, you don’t have to worry about lugging around external amplifiers, and they are easier to set up. Disadvantages to built-in amplifiers are that they are a lot heavier and if the amplifier within the speaker blows up then the speaker is useless for the evening. You also then need to decide if you only need PA speakers or if you also want a sub woofer, which is essential for producing the bass sound.

Where to find them

To find the best cheap DJ speakers, you will definitely want to shop around. After going into retail stores and educating yourself more on the products and brands, you should then look to make your purchase online. Of course, you will need to decide if you want to buy used, secondhand equipment, or brand new equipment. Some examples of sites where you can find new cheap DJ speakers are:,,,,, and many more. Don’t forget to check out Ebay and Amazon where you may be able to buy used equipment from previous owners. This would be a good option for those just getting started in the hobby. Also another option in finding cheap DJ speakers you can consider are websites that ship directly from China such as and Caution is advised however as it is difficult to know for certain the quality of the product and customer experience. Perhaps it would be best to try a smaller order at first, and if all goes well then make future orders bigger. Also note that when dealing with these sites, because of the distance you may find it more difficult to send faulty items back. You can also expect it to take much longer to receive your items.

How much they cost

The prices of speakers are going to vary and depend greatly on exactly what it is you’re looking for. Ideally, you should purchase you speakers as a pair. For two speakers you are looking at anywhere from $250 – onwards.

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