ChilledCow on notice: Steve Roach launches 24/7 ambient YouTube channel

Following in the footsteps of the independent YouTube streamers putting up “beats to relax/study to,” ambient artist Steve Roach has created a 24/7 ambient streaming channel.

The Immersion Zone — maybe we’ll call it “hi fi beatless music to relax/study to” — launched in February as a “sanctuary of expansive sonic submersions and infinitely evolving visual apparitions.” Roach describes the channel as drawing from his long-form zones and the four Immersion Station apps — an “evolving mix of expansive, dark and warm immersion environments.

“This groundbreaking collaboration between Steve and software artist Eric Freeman has now transformed into a living, breathing, self-propagating realm.”

The channel features slowly shifting and evolving visuals. Grades and anxiety levels will measure whether this is an improvement over an animated gif of Shizuku Tsukishima:

Steve Roach’s The Immersion Zone is live now and can be listened to… well, now, or later on YouTube.

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