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Comfort Food /The Binary Marketing Show

Comfort Food /The Binary Marketing Show

Split tape / vinyl from Already Dead Tapes and Records.  The first side holding sounds from Comfort Food, a project that has been pretty exclusive to the Already Dead label. The flip side with The Binary Marketing Show, a ongoing project 15 years plus that has been with Already Dead for most of it. So what does the label do for this long running relationship, vinyl edition as well as cassette. The extra love and additional format is well deserved, not just from the lengthy ongoing connections, but for the world of sounds within. 


The Comfort Food selections are dense and filled with lush sonic vegetation. Beginning with the first track, “Intro (Walk X America)” Danny Wolff and Jake Marshall sink deep, slowly walking through a chaotic dream haze. Rhythm is present while the blurred surroundings pressure inwards with a cacophonous roar. This gives way to three more tracks of beautifully composed fervency. There is a feeling of pop lightheartedness, the intensity shakes this away. What remains is an amalgamation of so many nostalgic sounds. For a moment, Comfort Food sounding like this band or that. The last song, “Swank Yurt”, kicks rhythms and harmonies like two kids effortlessly playing. The sounds ushering memories of PIL, Primus, Tuneyards and early psychedelic Pink Floyd playing live in New Orleans.


The Binary Marketing Show….. If early Negativeland had true melodies, this would be a description of the beginning of the second side. One pleasurable difference are how these sounds move in a much more sublime accord. Composed in a contemplative pace of rich melodies and percussive rhythms filled with detailed mystery. Then there is the verse and delivery crossing the spectrum of spoken word, samples and poetry. Abram Morphew and Bethany Carder treat listeners to a cross country drive. “Frames of Time” playing like passing an extensive planted pine forest. The row of trees clicking in rhythm as thoughts disappear into the tunnel like recesses in between. “Thank You So Much”, is like an anthem for mysteries gently hidden in the awakening moments we hopefully experience.


As mentioned, this is a Already Dead Tapes and Records release on Adventures of Mammals on both cassette and vinyl. Noticed there are directions to purchase directly from Already Dead for additional savings. The cassettes are in an edition of one hundred and twenty while vinyl is in a run of two hundred. Copies of both are currently available, but both Comfort Food and The Binary Marketing Show releases on Already Dead do not last very long.



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