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Coming back | Sandow

Coming back | Sandow

I haven’t blogged in a long time.

I’ve been quiet lately. Not storming the world with ideas about the future of classical music. Just peacefully teaching at Juilliard (remotely, of course), doing some composing, doing some consulting.

That’s how I started a newsletter I’ve sent out. My first in quite awhile. It marks a reemergence into a life more public than I’ve lately had.

In part I’m motivated by a performance of my music, coming up soon, both live and streaming. This is part of a big project launched by pianist Min Kwon, called America/Beautiful.

To quote my newsletter, about the two pieces I’ve written for this:

These are variations on “America the Beautiful.” Min commissioned variations from more than 70 composers.

Pause now…to imagine her learning them all.

But she’s got boundless energy. A pleasure to work with!

She’ll unveil her commissions from July 4 to July 9, streaming and live. With my pieces coming July 8, both ways.

More details coming!

You can read my newsletter here. And you can subscribe to it.

Also from the newsletter:

My spiritual life is more central to me now. Caring, forgiveness, and peace.…

But I haven’t talked about it much before. Let it quietly emerge. Of course it centers my teaching. And, I hope, all of my life.

There’s so much I’ll share. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and here.

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