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Concrete Colored Paint – This Valley of Segmentation

Concrete Colored Paint - This Valley of Segmentation

Lonely orbits of celestial bodies through the solar system produce pristine sonic emptiness. The majority of existence rests beyond human grasp. Quantifying Sedna’s elongated elliptical orbit for example, an estimated 11,408 years to circle around the sun. Currently Sedna’s orbit is it’s closest to the sun, with a last visitation dating back to civilizations first settlements. This was the beginning of the more temperate Holocene period, a warm welcome for the dwarf planets most recent visit. Picturing this orbital journey in thoughts, a blissful emptiness briefly interrupted by gigantic planetary bodies and the burning gravitational pull of a star. Beautiful long awaited noise, a symphony of immersion in a fraction of existence.  

This Valley of Segmentation compels the mind to imagine greater expanses. Time and distance are gorgeously brought into aural existence by Concrete Colored Paint. Physical realities beyond our fathomable abilities are patiently curated in over forty minutes of listening indulgence. Fourteen selections meander through dark and light, highly aesthetic sonic desolation featuring intense desire for every microcosmic melody. This Valley of Segmentation yields to a world we delight in hearing a segment of, but the true material constructs create a solitude more lengthy than most could bare. A stunning sonic taste from the brief sparkles of millennial solitude.


To match these gorgeous sounds from Concrete Colored Paint is the high amount curating love from the label Park 70. Clear cassettes accompanied with a descriptive and artful insert. All house in a letterpressed sleeve. A standard format for the Knoxville, Tennessee label, but an alluring lofty bar for cassette releases across the world. There are only fifty in this edition of This Valley of Segmentation. Physical copies have been sold out from the label, but the digital is ready to be experienced.






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