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Cryptozoologist – Flying Saucer Cereal

Cryptozoologist - Flying Saucer Cereal

The rumble of sounds from the past lingers. Each day we are saturated with new and even precursors to future new. A daunting flow catching thought in the onslaught of digital sonic transfer. What we have heard before, the feelings we associated these sounds with, sinks deep into obscurity. The creation of music follows these parameters. A burst of creative energy recorded in the moment, a time period where the conscious pours freely. Then distractions, the pitcher set down, evaporation, and finally nothing. The sonic moments saved rest in the open until they are finally put away. Like listening to music, creating music has finite intervals before time buries all. 


Cryptozoologist has gone through this process. The sounds on Flying Saucer Cereal are from the past. They have been listened to again and examined on the aural operating table. Certainly these passages were fragments, moments of creative bliss captured then shelved. Now they are unified into two long selections. Cryptozoologist has mutated them with growing wisdom, combined them in a slow maelstrom of thick harmonic goo. We listen to the past, sounds penned under the project Flying Saucer Cereal, and we hear the present. The depth of this composition bubbles to the surface then dissipates, the process continuing throughout. The heart felt sentiment continues to move like mist in our thoughts. 


Released on the New York City label Ephem-Aural. The music is created by J Potz and artwork designed by Henrique Gomes. Cassette copies are currently available from the label as well as many of the label releases described by Lost in a Sea of Sound.





Ephem-Aural – bandcamp

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