Digging Deeper with Fatt Max (7 August 2019)

Fatt Max explores a set of really old jug, kazoo and cowbell type traditional old school blues 

from a collection called, ‘Good Time Blues.’ 

1. Mississippi Jook Band – Hittin’ The Bottle 

2. Mississippi Jook Band – Skippy Whippy 

3. Memphis Jug Band – Mary Anna Cutoff 

4. Memphis Jug Band – Gator Wobble 

5. Memphis Jug Band – Mistreated Washboard Blues 

6. Charlie Burse – Baby You Win 

7. Charlie Burse – Oil It Up And Go 

8. Georgia Browns – Tampa Strut 

9. Georgia Cotton Pickers – Diddle Da Diddle 

10. Georgia Cotton Pickers – She’s Coming Back Day 

11. Big Joe And His Washboard Band – If You Take Me Back 

12. Big Joe And His Washboard Band – I’m Through With You 

13. Big Joe And His Washboard Band – When You Said Goodbye 

14. Big Joe And His Washboard Band – I Love You Baby 

15. Buddy Moss – Struggle Buddie 

16. Buddy Moss – I’m Sittin’ Here Tonight 

17. Mississippi Jook Band – Dangerous Woman 

18. Mississippi Jook Band – Barbeque Bust 

19. Peter Chatman – Digging My Potatoes 

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