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DJ setup equipment - How to Become a DJ

DJ setup equipment - How to Become a DJ


Purchasing your first DJ setup

Establishing your first DJ setup can be a difficult and troublesome task. To get started, decide which type of gear you wish to use. There are four typical DJ setups: computer only, MIDI controllers, CD players, and Vinyl turntables. Something else that you will also most definitely want to consider is your potential budget. Knowing your budget before you buy any equipment is essential.

Do your homework before purchasing

With budget then determined, you will need to consider if you should save up more money for top of the line gear or if you’re okay starting with the more affordable entry-level equipment. Be advised however that if you do decide to go with the lower quality, more affordable equipment, it will have less resale value if one day you were to try and sell it. A word of advice is to be an educated consumer! Do a fair amount of research and gain some hands-on knowledge. Especially if you are new to DJing, you must gain some knowledge about what it is you are purchasing. Go to retail stores in person and familiarize yourself with all the store has to offer. Speak to people who work in the store and learn from them. But be careful, there’s a good chance they will try to sell you something and they’re likely good at what they do. So don’t fall for their tactics, you are there to gain knowledge from them. If down the road after you’ve become a well-educated consumer and the price is right at one of the retail stores, then by all means purchase your gear there. The key is to be patient.

Purchasing DJ Gear

When it is finally time to start purchasing gear, you will probably want to do so all at once and not piece by piece. Most DJ equipment needs full setup in order to be useful. If you’re going to buy used gear, be careful. You should already know the price of new gear from your trip to the retailers so if the price for used gear is close to the same as new then don’t buy it. Carefully analyze or assess the condition of the used gear you are looking to purchase. Look closely to see how well it has been maintained.

Be aware of scuffs, scratches, etc. Ideally, you should always test the gear whenever possible. Have the seller demonstrate to you that everything works and functions properly. Be sure that the gear doesn’t have any major defects. It is recommended that if you have a low budget you should really save up until you can buy the best quality gear. Even if you are very excited to get started, waiting is the best move. In the end you will be thankful that you showed patience.

When it comes to DJ gear you truly get what you pay for. Plus the top tier gear retains its resale value. When it comes to headphones in particular, don’t take the cheap option. Your headphones should definitely not be the place to save money. Avoid the headphones like Skullcandy and WeSc as they are for regular consumers. Get the brands catered to professionals like Sony, Pioneer, and Denon.

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