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Electric Mob ‘2 Make U Cry & Dance’

Electric Mob, 2 Make U Cry & Dance

By Mike O’Cull

Monster hard rock outfit Electric Mob defies the dreaded Sophomore Slump and delivers the goods on their muscular second album 2 Make U Cry & Dance.

The record will be released January 27th, 2023 thanks to Frontiers Music Srl and is a full-on blast of modern, blues-influenced hard rock from start to finish. Electric Mob draws inspiration from the rock and roll greats of the 70s, 80s, and 90s and does a fine job of making modern music from the best of the past. The band grooves hard in all they do and also shines brightly in the vocal and guitar departments. Their sound is semi-heavy, riff-hungry, and hook-filled, which is always a winning combination, and they’re one of the most memorable contemporary bands you’re likely to run into this year.

Electric Mob was formed in Curitiba, Brazil by Renan Zonta (vocals), Ben Hur Auwarter (guitar), Yuri Elero (bass), and André Leister (drums). They first made their presence known in 2020 by dropping their crunching debut effort Discharge. They blew listeners away with their take on intense rock and roll, putting down great songs, incredible vocals, and ripping guitar work. The record gave the world a musical kick in the teeth and put fans on notice that Brazil could rock hard. These are young, motivated players with an ax to grind who are ready to take themselves to the world’s biggest stages. It’s quite likely that 2 Make U Cry & Dance will make it happen.

The first track, “Sun Is Falling,” is a pounding rocker that illustrates everything great about Electric Mob. Renan Zonta is an absolutely ferocious vocalist with a huge range, an outstanding tone, and the sort of musical presence that money can’t buy. Guitarist Ben Hur Auwarter is a human riff machine who is also capable of nuanced arrangements and strong melodies. The rhythm section keeps the band in motion and kicks open every door they encounter. Right away, you’ll be hankering for more.

“Will Shine” sits on a tasty syncopated riff and a hit single chorus. Zonta flies high with ease and provides the perfect point of focus for this foursome. Auwarter pumps out one high-voltage guitar part after another with aplomb and knows exactly when to hit the gas and melt some faces. Drummer André Leister demolishes his drums on this one, pushing the band as hard as he can. He’s an impressive musician who helps define the Electric Mob sound.

“It’s Gonna Hurt”

Fans of modern rock will dig the grit of “Soul Stealer.” The combined sound of the band is particularly massive here and the dark tone of the lyrics feels just right on top of it. Auwarter’s guitar solo is low-toned and memorable and Zonta drops another powerhouse lead vocal performance. The half-time bit at the end is extra heavy and vibes like an uppercut. The Mob seems to have a magic touch for this type of material and never let the action stop for even a second.

The energetic “Saddest Funk Ever” kicks off with some sweet slap work from bassist Yuri Elero and then takes off into a killer funk/rock jam. Zonta throws down some tight singing that fits the tune well and the band grooves underneath him with everything they’ve got. It’s one of the strongest moments on 2 Make U Cry & Dance and you don’t want to miss it.

Every song here will be someone’s favorite but other front-runners would have to be “Thy Kingdom Come” and “Love Cage.” Electric Mob is one of the top emerging rock bands right now and it’s certain that this new record will bring them a momentous year. Take note, rock fans: this bunch is world-class.

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