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elements_arid desert flower | Ambient Landscape

elements_arid desert flower | Ambient Landscape

Arid Desert Flower | Avant-Garde/Ether-Jazz/Jazz/Noise | 79:19

Eclectic combinations of scratchy noise disguised as music (sometimes bordering on melody!); extraneous machinations and utterances never before heard via strings, woodwinds & reeds!

Predominantly sourced from A New Wave of Jazz’s recent (June ~ August) catalog releases, this also introduces works by Ensemble Ektòs, rand (rand will appear on September’s #ambient podcast as well) & Matthew Whiteside — which fit in perfectly with the avant-garde/experimental sound for which I was striving.
(the title & art were driven by one of the albums represented herein: The Sage Flower, by Guilherme Rodrigues & Dirk Serries).

A pleasure in the construction, I’ve watched (and listened) to the various iterations of A New Wave of Jazz over these past several years — and have tried to keep up with the innovation & improvisation presented with each new bundle of releases. I think that this podcast represents, thus far, the best I’ve heard to date. It stands upon the shoulders of previous compositions and yet, incredibly, inches forward & onward!
(and, btw, check out Martina Verhoeven’s whirl-wind piano-work on track 12!)

Listen via Mixcloud or Hear.This

01 Hydra Ensemble – Vista IV (excerpt)
02 Dirk Serries & Asmus Tietchens – Höfner Akte 8A/8
03 Ensemble Ektòs – Semèia Kài Tèrata (parts 1 ~ 6)
04 Guilherme Rodrigues & Dirk Serries – Punctuation Marks
05 Dirk Serries, Anton Mobin & Quentin Stokart – Stochastic Regions (1.8)
06 Ensemble Ektòs – Semèia Kài Tèrata (part 14)
07 Dirk Serries, Daniel Thompson & Martina Verhoeven – Today & All the Tomorrows (l)
08 rand – 9.3
09 Guilherme Rodrigues & Dirk Serries – Temperal
10 Tullis Rennie, Cath Roberts & Dirk Serries – Moving Sideways
11 Matthew Whiteside – Quartet No. 5 (Remix)
12 Onno Govaert, Martina Verhoeven & Dirk Serries – Twofold (l)
13 Colin Webster & Matthew Grigg – Brain Free Circus
14 Alan Wilkinson & Dirk Serries – Upshot

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