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From Here to Eternity, by Kyle Bobby Dunn

From Here to Eternity’ is the first full length album from Canadian composer Kyle Bobby Dunn since his 2014 long play, ‘Infinite Sadness’. 

The use of processed guitar and his passion for cinematic swells reaches new realms that are markedly more ominous and dense than his previous long play. Kyle Bobby Dunn also recruited prominent ambient composers and a handful of his favorite musicians to arrange their own instrumentation for several works on this release that add multiple layers of mystery and intrigue of the human mind and heart. Artists that contributed to this effort are: Benoît Pioulard, Simon Scott, Loscil, Pan-American, Wayne Robert Thomas, Isaac Helsen, Mark Nelson, Robert Donne, Maryam Sirvan, and Michael Vincent Waller. 

Kyle Bobby Dunn wanted this album to be very much about the eternal conflict with all human emotions and life circumstances and to somehow go even further than the concepts left behind on ‘Infinite Sadness’. The moods and sounds range from angelic choral elements to motion picture soundtrack epics; permeating the skeletal system of the listener with a sense of boundaries and mortality. There are also moments that capture the dynamics of the artist performing in the live setting perfectly and were engineered meticulously by Matt Rogalsky and Kyle Bobby Dunn himself. Truly a difficult album of unending loss, confusion, pain, identity, disease and even death, but also include the most reflective and warm moments of his career to date.

Releases May 3, 2019 

Composed & Arranged from 2012-2018 at The End in Mile End, Montreal Canada 

Art Arrangement by Adam Brooks 

Layout by Past Inside the Present 

Additional Mixing by Connor C. Ellis 

Mastered by Jeremy Bible 

All compositions recorded by Kyle Bobby Dunn except ‘Eternity, the Stars & You’ recorded and engineered at the Isabel Bader Center of Kingston, Ontario in November 2014 by Matthew Rogalsky. 

‘Boul. Gouin’ and guitar elements of ‘The Flattening’ recorded at Scofield Septic Tank and L’auberge de France in Mile End, Quebec – February 2016-2017. 

Organ and synth processing by J.H. Barsky on ‘Zendel Holiday Hangover Toccata’ recorded at his studio in Toronto, Ontario – January 2012.

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