How To Make a Black Cat Bone*

…Got a black cat bone, got a mojo too,
I got John the Conqueror root,
I’m gonna mess with you…

—Muddy Waters

“You goes in a graveyard on a dark night when it’s thunder and lightning and put a black cat in a pot of boiling water and boil all the meat and hair off until they go to the bottom. They’s one bone that stays floatin’ on the top and that’s your black cat bone. You gotta make sure it’s the right one. Take it home and saw back and forth across your teeth while you look in a mirror at midnite. It’ll make a sound so shrill it’ll break the glass then you got the power of the devil and the Lord both and ain’t nothin’ can stop you. Can’t be shot or burned up in a house neither. You can read a man’s mind like it’s you thinkin’ and you can snap your fingers and pick money out of his pockets.

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