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Illuvia / Iridescence of Clouds (Sea of Vapor) — A STRANGELY ISOLATED PLACE

Illuvia / Iridescence of Clouds (Sea of Vapor) — A STRANGELY ISOLATED PLACE

Illuvia expands upon his 2021 ambient drum’n bass hybrid album Iridescence Of Clouds, with a new suite of alternate and once discarded versions. Revisited, remastered, and presented as an extended digital album and double CD, with a new artwork version by Noah M / Keep Adding. 

“During the two-year process of creating the music that became Iridescence of Clouds, I ventured deep in attempts to give form to visions I’ve been catching glimpses of since my youth. Translating emotional landscapes to sound is somewhat of an undertaking when you care about every detail. As it often happens for me when working on an album, the alternate versions and discarded tracks were legion. Amongst them were everything from sketches to almost finished tracks that had been part of the album at some point, later to be replaced and left by the wayside. A while after the release I found myself revisiting these versions and outtakes, and I began gathering up a selection to form another album that I called Sea of Vapor.

It soon became clear to me that all these tracks felt emotionally tied to the original album, and I didn’t really have the sense that this new chapter wanted to stand on its own. That is when the idea of making a double CD came to mind—letting the two chapters come together as one story. Perhaps another reason why this idea resonated with me is that my early days of discovering and exploring the bright new world of atmospheric jungle and drum’n’ bass happened exclusively via the medium of CDs (and not uncommonly double discs). As shared in my entry for ASIP’s mix series [isolatedmix107], those CDs meant the world to me at the time and certainly left a deep imprint, perhaps even down to leaving me with an emotional affinity for the format.

So after another year of traveling through this vaporous rhythmic soundworld, it feels special to be able to present an extended edition of this album complete with a new rendition of the awe-inspiring original artwork by Noah M / Keep Adding (though the original version still leaves me speechless). As far as the music goes, there is no point in pretending that my journey with Iridescence of Clouds has been an easy one, but as a friend and fellow ASIP artist reminded me—maybe it shouldn’t be. And as time passes, it seems to me that the memory of our struggles fade while the beauty of our work remains” – Ludvig Cimbrelius


The digital edition of the album will be name-your-price for a limited time on Bandcamp, and all proceeds from digital sales will go directly to support the people of Ukraine. We encourage everyone to give as much as they comfortably can, and all together we will make a difference for those who need it the most right now. Human lives are at stake and your support matters. When we have received a big enough sum to make an impact, we will make an announcement and the sum of all the proceeds collected will be divided equally between Unicef Ukraine ( and Nova Ukraine (

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