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ISOLATED, by Various Artists (Ultimae)

Audioloom 2, by The Green Kingdom

This is a very nice V/A collection from Ultimae (a la D.J. Christian Samsara): ambient, mid-range techno/electronica & downtempo, dub-soaked beats! For me, personally, I get lost in the rhythms & tempos – listening via ear-buds especially when working out or running.

It balances the fine line of dreaminess & intentionally focused & engaging electronica; capturing the listening side of my brain so that the push-ups, pull-ups, crunches & stretching become easier (given that my brain is now otherwise occupied!)

I’m not posting this as audio — but I’ve remixed the tracks from slowest-to-fastest (see bottom of this page).

Thanks very much for another great V/A release, Ultimae!
Released last month (July).

Ultimae proudly presents “ISOLATED”, a various artists compilation selected by Danish DJ Christian Samsara with a definite ambient and cinematic downtempo spirit.

The 10 track story presents exquisite tracks by Christian Samsara, Martin Nonstatic, AES Dana, Erot, Lauge, Claudio PRC, Sonmi451, Miktek and newcomer to our realm, ASC.

It reveals remarkable nuance and depth of field, fuses intricate rhythmic patterns and atmospheric elements with evocative melodies conveying a gentle mesmerizing power. A feeling of wandering and softened yearning fills the air; isolation, according to Christian Samsara, heightens our senses and brings up a deeper resonance with music and nature.

Released July 4, 2022

Written & Produced by Various Artists
Selected by Christian Samsara
Audio Mastering By Vincent Villuis at Ultimae Studios ([email protected])
Photo credits : Annie Spratt


  1. ASC – Solitude
  2. EROT – Moraine
  3. AES DANA – A Bluetiful Day (ground edit)
  4. CLAUDIO PRC – Arctic Movement 07:45
  5. MARTIN NONSTATIC – Layers of Space
  6. AES DANA & MIKTEK – Lavender
  7. LAUGE – Oceanography (in motion edit)
  8. MARTIN NONSTATIC – Hidden Depths
  10. SONMI451 – Glacially Slow


Isolated (remix) | Ultimae Records/Ambient Landscape | 82:49

01 SONM451 – Glacially Slow
02 ASC – Solitude
03 James Murray & Francis M Gri – Toma *
04 EROT & Christian Samsara – Silicium
05 AES Dana & Miktek – Lavender
06 AES Dana – A Bluetiful Day (ground edit)
07 Martin Nonstatic – Layers of Space
08 Erot – Moraine
09 Lauge – Oceanography (in motion edit)
10 Eskostatic – Sky Cottage *
11 Claudio PRC – Arctic Movement
12 Martin Nonstatic – Hidden Depths
13 J.Peter Schwalm, Stephan Thelen
(w. Eivind Aarset, Tim Harries, Manuel Pasquinelli) – Quaoar *

Tracks added, not appearing on ‘ISOLATED’

  1. 03 James Murray & Francis M Gri – Toma
  2. 10 Eskostatic (Martin Van Rossum & Marcel Montel) – Sky Cottage
  3. 13 J.Peter Schwalm, Stephan Thelen
    (w. Eivind Aarset, Tim Harries, Manuel Pasquinelli) – Quaoar

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