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Rich Chambers sits at a musical crossroads of sorts. His music ranges
from retro rock to modern rock, to country, to the blues, and many
styles in between. With all of these elements at play, many reviewers
and music writers have a hard time categorizing or placing him, but he
always tells them that he is simply “Rock N’ Roll.”

That term doesn’t get used that much anymore, but Chambers believes that
true Rock N’ Roll is derived from out of all the elements of the music
just listed. Throw in Chambers’ unassuming, likeable, and relatable
personality and you have an artist who is also bringing authenticity and
sincerity back into pop music alongside some downright infectious Rock
N’ Roll melodies and rhythms. With his latest release of the Beatles
cover, “I Saw Her Standing There,” Chambers is redefining pop rock for
the 2020s. It’s Rock N’ Roll Reimagined!

Following a breakout 2021 in which Rich Chambers released five
successful singles, including a film festival award winning video for
his single “I’m So Tired”, is his first release for 2022: a freshly
energetic version of the classic Beatles song “I Saw Her Standing

With a rock sound distinctly his own yet remaining respectful of the
origins of rock, Chambers is putting both a new and old spin on pop
music and reigniting the passions of older rock fans and bringing new
ones into the fold. It’s guitar-based, infectious singalongable music.
It’s Rock’ n’ Roll re-imagined.


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