jazz and blues songstress Mercedes Nicole album release Constellations


The first time you hear Seattle songstress Mercedes Nicole sing, you may wonder if you are hearing a newly-discovered track from a legendary singer of yore-Sarah Vaughan perhaps, or Dinah Washington?  It soon becomes clear that while this long-gloved, bare-shouldered singer evokes visions of a world of cocktail gowns and cabarets, her music and vision are fresh, creative and all her own. 

Constellation, her fourth release, takes the regionally well-known jazz singer in a new direction. This is the blues album she has wanted to make for years, and she spared nothing on the recording of it. It features the best artists of Seattle’s formidable jazz and blues scene. The album is well-named, a constellation of talent and a constellation of brilliant songs sung from the heart.

2018 Singer-Songwriter, Composer Award Winner, Allied Arts Foundation


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