Joe Bonamassa Releases New Video “Known Unknowns”

Joe Bonamassa, Known Unknowns

Joe Bonamassa Releases New Video “Known Unknowns”

Two-time Grammy nominee Joe Bonamassa releases a new Video “Known Unknowns,” a bluesy song of heartbreak from his studio album Time Clocks, and a special video just for Halloween. With a raw and vital flavor, Bonamassa’s vocal is just as soulful as his masterful guitar work on this winner.

“Known Unknowns” is a haunting new track that seamlessly connects blues, soul, and Southern Rock ideas to express the pain of a love gone wrong. Bonamassa plays stinging single-note lines that give way to lush chordal work which, in turn, leads to a powerful chorus. The music video that accompanies the song is equally ghostly and adds a lot of emotion to this already-deep cut. It’s a cinematic clip that skillfully deals with both the spirits around us and inside us in an artistic, touching way. Bonamassa is in top form on “Known Unknowns,” as always, and his guitar and vocal prowess will keep his legions of fans happy and then some.

“Known Unknowns”

An adventurous and outstanding record, Time Clocks was produced by  Kevin Shirley and mixed by Bob Clearmountain. Recorded in New York City, the album rediscovers Bonamassa at a newfound peak with heartfelt songwriting and an unparalleled blues rock prowess. Time Clocks follows Joe’s constant evolution as he continues to forge ahead, bending genres and defying the odds of the music industry. The blues rock master has found yet another layer of immense new artistry to share with his fans. On “Known Unknowns” he shares a new dimension of his creativity.

Joe voice has only gotten better with time, a rarity for an artist with such longevity in their career. The songs on Time Clocks are a collection of stories that shed new light on Joe’s life as a journeyman, constantly creating and always on the run.

The band members include Steve Mackey (bass), Lachy Doley (piano), Bunna Lawrie (didgeridoo), Bobby Summerfield (percussion), and Late Night with David Letterman’s Anton Fig(drums and percussion), along with Mahalia Barnes, Juanita Tippins, and Prinnie Stevens on backing vocals.

One of the biggest names in blues rock, Bonamassa is committed to giving back. He founded Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation, a non-profit that aims to conserve the art of music in schools and preserve the rich culture and history of the blues. Since its inception in 2011, KTBA has been able to fund music programs and initiatives that have impacted the lives of 70,000+ students in all 50 states. We accomplish this by making weekly donations to music projects in schools, as well as funding merit-based scholarships and extracurricular programs all over the country.

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