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Kings of Mercia wield the Wrecking Ball

Kings of Mercia wield the Wrecking Ball

Any project that includes FM vocalist Steve Overland warrants attention…add in Jim Matheos of Fates Warning fame on guitar and it promises even more. Then bring in Fates Warning bassist Joey Vera and the legend that is Simon Philips on drums and it now demands attention.

This is the lineup for a new band called Kings of Mercia. (I’m not sure how that name came about as Mercia is the swathe of the English Midlands ruled by the Anglo-Saxons and Steve is from East Anglia and Jim is American. The artwork doesn’t give any clues either as the headless figure with flames coming out of its cape views an industrial landscape also on fire.)

Regardless, they’ve formed a formidable band and have released a single called Wrecking Ball as a taster for a new album due September 23rd, 2022 via Metal Blade Records.

Unsurprisingly it has a lot of Fates in it as Jim is such a key composer, and Steve’s vocals are as reliable and remarkable as usual. The metallic edge to the riff works well behind the Melodic Rock elements of the verses and multi-tracked chorus and a skilful, non-shreds, quality guitar solo keeps the standard high. It certainly promises much for the new album.

Wrecking Ball  3:54
Humankind 4:13
Sweet Revenge 4:38
Set the World on Fire 4:16
Too Far Gone  6:07
Liberate Me. 4:18
Nowhere Man 4:20
Everyday Angels 3:59
Is It Right?  4:03
Your Life 6:07

The self-titled album will be released on September 23rd, 2022 via Metal Blade Records and is now available for pre-order: HERE 

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