Married Man Narrowly Escapes Death After Sleeping With ‘Magun’ Infected Lover

An incident reported to have happened in Igobe Compound of Yagbawest LGA of Kogi, has a married man who almost died when caught in the trap of adultery.

Eyewitnesses gathered that these must have been “magun” and that, “both lovers are not a couple but married individually.

The man (name withheld) went to meet his lover (s3x worker) at Igobe Compound last week to have s3x with her.

“As the man was banging from the back, he started convulsing in the process. It would have been terrible if it was a missionary style.

The man kept shouting “help me take care of my wife and children” as he thought he would die by the encounter, but all thanks to the medicine man who came for his rescue.

“The woman’s secret boyfriend was the one that put the magun on her. “The woman did not even know she was infected with magun. “Also, her husband seems to be unaware about his wife having being infected with magun. He has not been having s3x with her lately.”

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