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Matt Shoemaker – Brengenging Sala

Matt Shoemaker - Brengenging Sala

How to even begin and write a description for Brengenging Sala? Listening takes thoughts to the edge of focused reality then pulls away like a swimmer in a  massive undercurrent on the oceans edge. Then in this growing emptiness, as the shoreline recedes to become a new horizon, consciousness floats suspended in a world of Matt Shoemaker’s creativity. A intriguing feeling of forlorn aural landscape, not sad but beautifully unfamiliar. A sonic wanderer hearing deep into the blur of distant tones. The vacuity is tremendous. Minds are poised drifting on undertones, connected like umbilical cords reaching back to a world of hence importance. All of this spawning thoughts of creation and termination, markers for the spirit passing through the physical realm? Or assessed values for limited understanding?


Thank you Matt Shoemaker, for creating the medium to explore. Providing a sonic conduit for the consciousness. Tonal passages allowing microcosmic energy and the weight of the cosmos to stratify thick layers of serenity. Brengenging Sala delivers seventy minutes of the sweetest sonic environment. Field recordings holding gravity like stars in the galactic expanse. Ambient sublimity stretching across lifetime’s experiences. Brengenging Sala was originally created to accompany a documentary film by Matt Dunning. This composition is so significant, a documentary could be made to accompany it. Seven selections with a pinpointed heart in Surakarta City from central Java, seven selections reaching into the infinite expanse of the quality of being we all share.


Released on compact disc by Elevator Bath in an edition of three hundred. All photography is by Matt Shoemaker, showcased on a six panel digipak with incredibly vibrant printing. With a long discography, this is the fourth release on Elevator Bath by Matt Shoemaker. Brengenging Sala is incredibly beautiful, a composition not to miss.




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