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Meadow Argus – Peristera

Meadow Argus - Peristera

In which direction do thoughts merge with melodies and sounds? Is it repeating cycles of broken resonations creating lullyby like measures, or is it the undercurrent of darker formidable tones? On this composition titled Peristera by Meadow Argus, listeners are treated to both simultaneously. Conscious tenuously balances in the center, traversing broken melodic cracks in the sidewalk and peering into the fathomless depths of potency below. 


Peristera is a forty minute composition with two side long tracks. An energy rest within these passages. Listeners hear vintage effervescence from the clinks of champagne glasses an the final unwinding of the dying Victrola. But, deep within the shadows of the accompanying black and white photography holds ethereal beclouded drones of something else. A darkness of grief portrayed in analog undercurrents of hidden inner sound. This is the juxtaposition Meadow Argus invokes. Like Anubis holding the scale, Meadow Argus creates the measure for thought to balance or fall into light or dark aural fields. 


Meadow Argus is the ongoing project of Tynan Krakoff. This is the fifth release under the the Meadow Argus moniker, with cassettes still available fro some previous compositions. There are some good descriptions for Peristera ready to be read on Foxy Digitalis and Free Form Freakout. In an edition of one hundred cassettes, physical copies of Peristera are currently available from the Meadow Argus bandcamp page. 






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