Meet the Artists From WDAV’s Public Radio Music Day Festivities

Wednesday, October 26, 2022, is the noncommMUSIC Alliance’s third annual Public Radio Music Day, a celebration uniting public radio music stations, artists, and fans to highlight the contributions of public radio to local and national noncommercial music. In honor of the occasion, we’ve invited four outstanding local artists to visit our John Clark Performance Studio for a series of special live performances and interviews throughout the day. Get to know each artist with the handy profiles below!



WDAV Celebrates Public Radio Music Day

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

10 AM hour: Ethan Uslan, ragtime piano

1 PM: Tanja Bechtler, cello

4 PM: Alan Mearns, classical guitar

7 PM: Quisol, singer-songwriter

Video of each artist’s Public Radio Music Day performance and interview will be released on our Facebook and YouTube pages.



Ethan Uslan

Ethan Uslan

Tell us about what you do!

I’m a pianist who specializes in ragtime and early jazz. By early jazz, I mean jazz music from the 1920s and 30s, which includes New Orleans jazz, Harlem stride piano, and stuff like that. I perform mostly locally but I’ve gotten around a bit and have given some concerts in exotic places like Dublin, Ireland; Lugano, Switzerland; Nancy, France; and Gastonia, NC. 🙂 Most recently I appeared on AMC as Count Lestat’s hand double on Episode 3 of “Interview with a Vampire.”

In your view, what makes classical music on public radio important to the cultural life of our region? 

Classical music is a lifelong and life-enriching thing and the more people are exposed to it, the better. WDAV gives people an opportunity to hear, learn about, and get into classical music FOR FREE. I have been listening to classical music most of my life, yet still, through listening to WDAV, I discover pieces and composers that I hadn’t previously been familiar with. So just imagine how much young people or classical music “newbies” can get out of WDAV. It really can open a whole new world for people.

Describe your connection(s) to WDAV Classical Public Radio. 

I listen to WDAV mostly in the car. I moved to Charlotte in 2004. You know how many hours I have spent in the car since 2004? Too many. Thank god for WDAV.  

Where can our listeners find you online? 

YouTube | | Facebook | The Carolina Shout Podcast

Video: “The Swan” in Ragtime




Jae Quisol

Tell us about what you do! 

I’m a singer-songwriter and producer residing on native Catawba land in Mooresville, just North of Davidson. I currently work as an administrator at a nonprofit called Arts Connect International which focuses on building equity in the arts and through the arts. But I grew up around here. I attended North Mecklenburg high school, where I completed the international baccalaureate program.

I went to the college of Charleston where I double majored in international studies in political science and I earned my masters at Harvard graduate school of education where I focused on arts in education. Over the past few years, I have been independently producing and publishing my music and I’ve had the privilege of  studying music and music activism with some incredible people, including Grammy award winning musician, Esperanza Spalding, and MacArthur genius awardee Vijay Iyer. My music reflects all that I’ve learned in these different journeys and studies and  my own emotions. It’s a form of self-care for me, and I hope that others who resonate with what I have to say will find peace and healing in this music.

In your view, what makes classical music on public radio important to the cultural life of our region?  

I think public radio is an amazing platform that connects audiences to new artists in a more human way. So often the streaming platforms only offer more of what you already like whereas the radio shows are curated by real people with real relationships with the artists that they put on the airwaves. I think this new wave of spotlighting new composers and local artists is a wonderful piece of WDAV today. 

Describe your connection(s) to WDAV Classical Public Radio. 

Something I found really charming about the Charlotte area from my growing up experience was the emphasis on literature, education, and the performing arts. I remember visiting the imaginenon, the big library in uptown Charlotte and Discovery Place. These sites are infused with the sound of public radio in my memory, and specifically classical and jazz music. All of it together is really nostalgic for me

Where can our listeners find you online?

Website | Instagram | Dreamworld Links | Facebook | SoundCloud

Video: Jae Quisol – In The Flesh (Official Video)


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