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Merrin Karras / Silent Planet 12″ now available — A STRANGELY ISOLATED PLACE

Merrin Karras / Silent Planet 12" now available — A STRANGELY ISOLATED PLACE

Merrin Karras’ 2020 foray into extended compositions combining his Berlin School tendencies and expansive ambient is finally pressed-up on cloudy transparent 12”. Remastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri and featuring revisited art by Noah M / Keep Adding.


Conceived and composed in two days, Silent Planet is Brendan’s first attempt at a fully continuous piece of music. Normally, albums under his Merrin Karras guise take many months, if not years, to put together:

“I wanted to challenge myself to create a mini-album in a short amount of time, not to think too much about it, but just to let it flow and see what happened. Everything was created in one project, but it’s comprised of six distinct sections. Several motifs and elements are re-used at various points throughout the work. It’s also the first time that I’ve used percussion elements in a Merrin Karras work”.

The mood spans from brooding to almost Balearic at points, with strong elements of Berlin School and Space Music, classic Trance, and Ambient all intertwined.

Silent Planet is available in digital formats and transparent smoke 12”.

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