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New Henry Threadgill Book and Album Coming – Avant Music News

Source: Pi Recordings.

In Easily Slip into Another World, Threadgill recalls his childhood and upbringing in Chicago, his family life and education, and his brilliant career in music. Here are riveting recollections of the music scene in Chicago in the early 1960s, when Threadgill developed his craft among friends and schoolmates who would go on to form the core of the highly influential Association for the Advancement of Creative Musi- cians (AACM); the year and a half he spent touring with an evangelical preacher in the mid-1960s; his military service in Vietnam, illustrative of an oft-ignored aspect of jazz history, given the number of musicians in Threadgill’s generation who served in the armed forces.

The Other One is the musical component to a multimedia piece by Pulitzer Prize winner Henry Threadgill that also involves film, paintings, photographs, electronics, voice loops, and spoken word. Written for a 12-piece ensemble, the music is inspired by the percussionist and theorist Milford Graves, in particular, his integration of the human heartbeat into his musical works. As usual for Threadgill, the new work possesses the interlacing counterpoint and rhythmic vibrancy that is characteristically part of his compositions.

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