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Stefanie Abderhalden and Kyle Flens
Flutist Stefanie Abderhalden and percussionist Kyle Flens (Arcomusical, Ensemble Dal Niente) headline this collection of solos and duos for flute and percussion by three American composers—Robert Fleisher, Robert Honstein, David Maki—and the Romanian-Greek composer, Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001), whose centennial has been celebrated internationally this year. Additional percussionists Katie (Wiegman) Burdett, Malika Green, and Thomas Loretto (1953-2016) contribute to this lively mix of engaging and evocative music.

Songs in Time of Plague
Alex Lubet
In these pandemic-limited times, Alex Lubet might not be the first musician to make music using solo instrument and studio artistry; but his approach may be one of the more original. Lifting dobro and dulcimer from their traditional roots, and employing playing techniques spurred on by physical challenges, Lubet’s work – perhaps uniquely – encompasses the worlds of Muddy Waters, musique concrete, and Morton Feldman.

Orchid Music
Juraj Kojs
There is no shortage of songs about flowers, but few actually let the flowers themselves do the singing. Now, thanks to advances in genome sequencing and data mapping, we can, as it were, hand them the mic and hear their side of the story. With a little help from experimental composer and orchid whisperer, Juraj Kojš, brings their inner world to life, revealing its musical potential. You have heard the sonified data of black holes, gravitational waves, weather, and the stock market. Now make way for the precocious hothouse lovelies of the orchid family.

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