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Omni Gardens & Zen Monk Jogen

Omni Gardens & Zen Monk Jogen

The world moves without concern for those living in the present. Individuals like ants, building civilizations, creating histories and becoming prophets for others to follow. In fact, looking at the history of earth, there were five great extinctions with one wiping away 96% of species. The world moves on without concern, like energy of the sun, infinite physical properties beyond the understanding of most. Life and death are trivialities. Most individuals treat their environment with equal lack of thought and care. Subjects of man made realm, timeframes within a massive eruption or asteroid strike. The world moves forward without concern. 

Then there are individuals who simply ask for people around to stop and take the smallest bit of value of how they even got here. The planet you are on, the body you are within, the ability to travel beyond physical boundaries and experience a cosmos of mysterious wonder. New Directions in Meditation Tonalities will help listeners take a deeper breath. Slowing down to feel what is deep inside, then reflecting this understanding to the extending cosmos around us. These sounds and spoken word are a collaboration between two very experienced artists. Omni Gardens, the project name for Steve Rosborough. A Portland resident with extensive experience in music, especially ambient tranquility. This crosses over to Sean Conrad, who mastered New Directions in Meditation Tonalities. Another heavy weight in the modern movement for meditative serenity. Zen Monk Jogen is the name of Jogen Salzberg, who has written and performed all of the spoken word on the composition. Jogen is a Buddhist teacher and monk, he also works as a counselor for the spirit.


New Directions in Meditation Tonalities consist of two twenty minute pieces, each holding one side of the cassette. The first side is titled Ocean Resonance. These sounds and spoken word seem to explore more of the of the mind and body. Attention to our presence and how special the moments we live truly are. The second side is titled Lifestyle Slow Motion. Tones with a more ethereal vibration and words focusing on the conscious reach beyond our physical space. Each side ends with Zen Monk Jogen letting go and Omni Gardens extending the musical path for reflective drift. The coolest aspect of New Directions in Meditation Tonalities is the double take on when this was created. There is a seventies vibe from the meditative recordings of that era, but this is now and absolutely spectacular. The 1973 photography reference through things off too…

Released by Crash Symbols on cassette. Liz Pavlovic worked on the design. 

This is the fourth release in the label’s Ataraxia Series. 


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