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On Repeat Recordings Launches with Three Releases – Avant Music News

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Et At It – The Et At It Archive As Daniel writes, “Et At It were inevitable outliers in a larger music scene that was in the first stages of a new professionalism and capitulation to pop. That’s what made their performances and recordings so vital. One always felt as if you were peering into something private and pure.”

RaRaFre+AM As Daniel writes, “The quartet RaRaFre+Am – Rafael Cohen, Raquel & Franke Vogl and Amelia Saddington – was a rarity in the D.C. punk scene around the year 2000. The group explicitly pursued a tightly-plotted chamber music, orchestrated for guitar, oboe, accordion and standup bass. Their sound can feel like a contradiction: these densely woven, dirge-like miniatures careen from section to section with a prickly insistence, while at the same time exhibiting a trademark sense of cheeky humor, a lightness to the touch and a brisk, unfused group chemistry that many bands would find enviable.”

Rench’s Rifles – As Daniel writes, “Their overlapping projects, which included El Guapo, Orthrelm, Chrom-Tech, RaRaFre+Am, Quix*o*tic and Meltdown, covered ground from soft electronic lullabies to technically blinding avant-metal, but there’s a common flavor that’s impossible to miss: a sly sense of subversive play, a wink that gives the coiled, jerky guitar lines a bounce.”

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