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Peter Kris – Letters To Lost Hills

Peter Kris - Letters To Lost Hills

The contours of Peter Kris’ guitar work are like topographic maps from around the globe. We hear majestic relief from mountains, plateaus and vistas, then the sublimity gentle rolling hills across vast expanses. Letters To Lost Hills is one of Kris’ newest released compositions, heralding to the spaced out contour lines of eroded and weathered landscapes. Listening is the antithesis of arduous with Peter Kris and Letters To Lost Hills is even more serene than many of his compositions. Details from mellow maps, joyful exploration of sustained strings bending across amiable landscapes. Another body of work from a prolific source, only this one seems to touch dreams from special places we cherish finding. 


As with all compositions shared by Peter Kris, Letters To Lost Hills is an overfilled sonic cornucopia. Fifteen selections that harmoniously glide across the vast distances before us, both in physical features and wavering images of the ethereal. Kris’ even lays the thought of connectivity of present and always present with the track titles within. “An Open Letter To Illusions”, “Reborn as Dust” and “Planting Homes In Dead Lands” all descriptions of a world we continue with. Depth filled tones in a current of gorgeous profoundness, another aural world we all need to make time to spend.

Released on the Michigan label Flophouse in their signature super limited edition of thirty seven cassettes. Each tape unique to mothering master pattern. All the love for the label’s sweet sense of finding stunning mind burners and then creating a perfect amount of physical reminders.




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