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Peter Kris – No Vision

Peter Kris - No Vision

Wheels turn in a western direction. Wooden spokes on a wagon or the grooved steel of a train, both crossing the vast expanse for fabled green utopia. Open space across sizable distances, nothing changes for hours then days. Long periods filled with a cadence of sounds from the flat spot shuttering on each turn by the wheel of the cart or gaps in the rails echoing click clack with the passing weight of each iron disc. No Vision holds these rhythms. Guitar in tone and pace with travel across and endless west. Mountains, desert and horizons held frozen in time less changes from day to night. Transcendental harmonies with a backdrop so tremendous, the warmth from the guitar keeps us close. 


Peter Kris harbors energy. An attribute made more fantastic by endurance. No Vision is tremendous, twenty two tracks of slow thirsty deep thought, campfires reaching up to their counterparts filling the starlit skies and most of all movement. The rhythm of motion portrayed by Peter Kris’ boomy guitar passages. Fluid selections held in body, allowing the mind to dance with the ephemeral world afoot. The cadence mirrors passing time throughout each day. Lighter and heavier melodies reflecting the blur of dormancy and veracity of experiences we intake. Getting lost in No Vision is a repeat pleasure with each listen.

Released on cassette by Seattle’s Never Anything Records. All proceeds from this release and spring batch going to help Ukraine. Unfortunately physical copies are sold out from the label. Might be a difficult one to find if you want a cassette, but easy to purchase and download.




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