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2022 – Gary Cain

By Phillip Smith; June 11, 2022

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Next Stop, the latest release from Canadian blues-rocker Gary
, takes off like a rocket, and soars to the heavens.  His guitar prowess is extraordinary and an absolute
treat to hear.  Cain, a 2018
semi-finalist at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee,
has talents which run much deeper though. 
This ten-track album reveals just how much.  Written and recorded in Austin, Texas, Next
is all Cain.  He wrote the
music and lyrics, plays all the guitar and bass parts, sings, programs drums, and
handles percussion.

Rocking an infectious Texas
boogie, “Billionaires in Space” blasts the album off by taking a satirical jab
Elon Musk’s and Jeff Bezos’ ego-centric race to boldly go
where no man has gone before.
seemingly draws inspiration from
Jimi Hendrix on “Confusion”.  His powerhouse performance is so hot, it downright
  Cain furiously throws
everything he has into “Kitchen Sink”.
fabulous instrumental brings to mind a favorite by
The Aristocrats
called “Kentucky Meat Shower”.
  It’s an
exhilarating experience to hear
Cain’s intense guitar picking riding the
bleeding edge of his barreling beat.
the tipping point of being fed up is a gradual process and that’s the way
goes with “Gone” a song with that exact theme.
The mellow and melodic atmosphere stretches outward and inward, taking heavy
and funky turns with its cozy groove.
wraps up with “A Short, Furious Goodbye” with special guest John
on B3 organ.  This cosmic instrumental
clocks in at two minutes, seventeen seconds and beautifully lives up to its

Next Stop is one album guitar aficionados will definitely want
to give a listen to.  It’s fantastic.  


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