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PhillyCheeze’s Rock & Blues Reviews: #566 > Color Green

PhillyCheeze's Rock & Blues Reviews: #566 > Color Green


2022 – Org Music

By Phillip Smith; July 26, 2022

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I love it when music like
this new self-titled album from Color Green comes my way.  Their music is cut from the same fabric as
many of my favorite bands, such as Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers,
Phish, and Flaming Lips.  Formed
in Queens, but now based in Los Angeles, Color Green is comprised of co-founders
Noah Kohll and Corey Madden. 
Together this duo creates a dreamy eight-track cocktail of roots-based

“Warbling Sky” tranquilly
floats through the gate first. riding atop a layer of pedal steel from
and a Dead-inspired bridge which explodes with energy.  It’s magnificent. Upbeat and slightly twangy,
“Ill Fitting Suit” is another fun one.
With a hook that says “you pay your dues, I’ll pay mine”, this song
would easily compel a field of hippies to dance.
  With Madelyn Strutz on banjo, “Bell of
Silence” is one that soothes the soul with its beautiful, lush melody and
hypnotizing harmonies.
  Another bonified
favorite track “Blizzed Out” swings to a Seventies southern rock groove.
  This honey-hole of a track is bodaciously
slathered in slide guitar and peppered with unexpected cosmic attacks.
  It’s absolutely brilliant.

I highly recommend this
  Color Green is a terrific listen
from start to finish.



This album is available
in the PhillyCheeze Amazon Store. 

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I earn from qualifying purchases.

Also available on Color
Green’s Bandcamp page.

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