Review: Troy Redfern ‘The Wings Of Salvation’

Troy Redfern, The Wings of Salvation

By Mike O’Cull

Hot-handed British slide guitar slinger, vocalist, and songwriter Troy Redfern gets as close to perfection as the Old Masters ever did on his brand new album The Wings of Salvation.

Set to drop September 23rd, 2022, The Wings of Salvation absolutely nails the concept of balancing heavy-duty guitar chops with songs that are instantly memorable, which was the real power source of rock music’s Golden Age.

Producer Dave Marks (Hans Zimmer) worked with Redfern to make this set snap and pop, a task at which the pair certainly succeeded. The sessions went down at Dulcitone Studios in the UK and were conducted in a live, action-packed manner. As Redfern explained “Dave Marks, my producer, and I also decided early on we wanted an old-school aesthetic for this album, in that we wanted no studio fixes, no autotune, no drum editing or samples. It had to be real, with only complete takes, no chopping up parts in post-production to make them sound perfect. We wanted an album that authentically captured my sound. I feel satisfied in knowing that we achieved what we set out to accomplish, and I couldn’t be prouder of this album.”

Troy Redfern is an innovative and entertaining blues/rock slide player who has been making waves for a while now. He’s released six albums in less than two years and become a familiar presence on the international roots music scene. He plays an overdriven and amplified style of resonator acoustic slide guitar that’s tough, articulate, and capable of blowing up any house in the world. He wrote all of the material on The Wings of Salvation in a mere five weeks, a feat that speaks of his intuitive grasp of the creative process and makes this new set a true snapshot of where Redfern currently is as an artist.

Troy kicks off the record with the pumped-up rocker “Gasoline” and you can tell right away that the choice to emphasize his vocal and songwriting skills was the right one to make. It has a big slide riff, a two-story verse, and a high-flying chorus hook. The atmospheric breakdown in the middle is a sweet treat that leads to the first of many quality guitar solos on the album. The song never gets dull or stops for air and each bit of it connects perfectly with the rest. You’ll be singing along before it ends.

“Sweet Carolina” is another next-level new song from Redfern. It’s the kind of hip-shaking power boogie that filled stadiums back in the day, complete with a long guitar break and one of the best chorus hooks of the year. Backed by producer Marks on bass, piano, keyboards, percussion, banjo, additional guitars, and backing vocals and Paul Stewart on drums, Redfern is unstoppable.

Redfern’s lead single “Come On” is a stomping jam that connects the dots between country blues and vintage hard rock. Troy delivers the vocal with furor and fever and hits his guitar just as hard. His guitar tone is immense and anchors the tune for the rest of the band. The vocal hook in the chorus is once more worthy of global airplay and will stay with you all day.

One of the best cuts presented on The Wings of Salvation is the minor key, roots noir epic “Dark Religion.” It’s a dramatic, suspenseful track that vibes like a late-night thriller, demanding you stay up to see the end. Redfern’s vocals are especially effective here, as is the ghostly environment his slide work creates. It’s a deep cut but you’re going to want to stick around for it. Be sure to also investigate “Mercy” and “Profane.”

Troy Redfern has the best record of his career on his hands with The Wings of Salvation and has raised his game to a new tier his competitors will have to attempt to attain. Wish them luck. Highly recommended.

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