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rockabilly/soul/blues songstress Lily Locksmith posthumous album release

rockabilly/soul/blues songstress Lily Locksmith posthumous album release


Lily Locksmith’s dream:

Lily Locksmith, with her powerful voice, rich with spices of early Soul, Blues and R’n’B, made an impact audiences from day one, and it was clear that a bright future was ahead of her. In 2016 a 7″ was released which was very well received and sold out fast, this release put the Swedish songstress’ name on the map. 

Lily had a dream, she wanted to make an album and she wanted it to be out on vinyl. She and her band started recording material at the Enviken Records studio back in 2018. The goal was of course aimed at releasing a full length album. The recordings were well under way and only some small details remaining. Then another 7″ vinyl, “I Don’t Need” was released in early 2020 as a teaser for the album that was planned for release later in 2020.

But then the Covid pandemic put everything on hold, as well as the rest of the music world. Time went on and by mid 2021 some talks and plans for upcoming shows were scheduled with Lily and her band, as well as picking up the pieces and finishing the last bits for the album. Things seemed to slowly get brighter as life proceeded and Christmas time was approaching. A couple of days after Christmas, in the evening of the 27th of December, a message went out that shocked the entire Rock’n’Roll music community. Caroline Låås, aka Lily Locksmith had passed away in her home, due to a severe cerebral hemorrhage. She was 37 years old.

The weeks that followed left her family and friends in unbelievable sorrow and grief, people from all around, fans and friends sent messages of sympathy. By the time of Lily’s funeral thoughts had emerged and voices were heard, “what about the album, should it be released“? Of course the album it should be! A Kickstarter campaign was launched on March 20 -2022 and within a couple of days the funding goal was reached and within another week it was more than doubled! Her dream would come true.

Fans pre-ordering their copy of the album on Kickstarter would not only help Lily and her band’s wish come true, they will also own a piece of history, because as unique and powerful her voice is, as warm and caring as a person she was, there will never, ever be another Lily.

It certainly feels good to bring this album to the world, to make Lily’s dream come true, and I can picture Lily’s joy if she’d been here to witness it. (Patrik Staffansson: Enviken Records)

RIP Caroline Låås, aka Lily Locksmith.


When I Put The Blues On You



Last Night


Farther Up The Road

Burnt Toast And Black Coffee

You Gotta Try

I Don’t Need

No Use But O’Well

When It’s Good Enough For You

I Tried

Can’t Believe You Wanna Leave


You Did Me Wrong

What Do You Know About Love

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