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Rose Harbor – Playdate

Rose Harbor - Playdate

 Somewhere deep within the end of sounds, a place of impossible rhythms is petrified in time. Conscious energy has been added, like penetrating radiation to exploit the sonic fissures lurking within. These crackling, fizzing and thumping fractured sonic pieces slowly rise to to ear level. Thoughts begin to find congruence, a steady pace allowing a new dimension’s stabilization in a world we live. The sounds from Playdate are components of our lives, forgotten, remembered, discarded and finally reacquired.     


The project Rose Harbor is Patrick Totally & July’s First. Six selections delivered where the stylus meets the label. The repeating zone of nothingness and everything. The in between of completed harmonies and sonic eloquence on the horizon. Playdate is the place of introspection, a place where listeners develop there wisdom of listening and their understanding of those listening and creating in this beautiful moment. The sounds of Rose Harbor are finely tuned in a world resting between pressing play and pressing stop. An unknown realm expanded for a brief moment then lost in time’s steady roll.

This is a compact disc release with copies are available from Cavern Brew Records. Not sure how many editions are in the first run, but they are currently in hand. There are two releases following Playdate that are worth checking out as well, Dreaming of the Desert by Buddhist Bubblegum / Wiggly and ll i have left is who i once was by abyuse.




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