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Saving Country Music News: New Newsletter & Other Updates

For years, Saving Country Music readers have been signing up for a newsletter that wasn’t going out, and requesting that Saving Country Music restart the practice. Well ten years to the day after the last newsletter went out, the Saving Country Music Newsletter was officially restarted on Monday (1-9), keeping to a promise to numerous readers and a New Year’s resolution.

To sign up for the newsletter, CLICK HERE.

On a weekly basis, the newsletter will offer a roundup of the week’s most important stories, other important news items, and will also include a “Note From Trigger” that will not be found anywhere else but in the newsletter. Upon occasion, there may be other content and updates that are exclusive to the newsletter, including perhaps full articles that are best to share with core readers as opposed to the wide internet, or articles and posts that are shared first through the newsletter.

So even if you follow Saving Country Music on social media or come to the site on a daily basis, there still may be reasons to sign up for the newsletter, while it’s also a good alternative for folks who don’t use social media, but want to stay connected to the site. Also, if major breaking news erupts, notifications can go out through the newsletter email list, though the amount of emails will always be kept to a minimum.

The restarting of the newsletter is part of a greater reset Saving Country Music will be going through in the coming weeks and months. Many have requested more podcasts from Saving Country Music. Along with plans to restart the Country History X podcast (can be found on all major streaming platforms), some other audio and potentially video components are going to be launched and tested to try and reach more people with the Saving Country Music message of pushing independent artists to the forefront, and keeping the memory of country legends alive.

As part of this reset, there also may be certain days when no new article is posted on Saving Country Music. For many years the philosophy has been to post at least one article every day, aside from major holidays and such. However, sometimes this insistence takes away from critical work on bigger, more important articles or objectives.

Though there will still be posts on the vast majority of days, no longer making daily posts compulsory will allow more time and effort to be expended making sure the content that does get posted is top quality, and allow more time for working on other important projects. I just want to give folks a heads up so that if on a random Saturday there is no new article, there is no reason to send out a search party.

There will be a much more in-depth retrospective and dissertation on the realignment Saving Country Music will be going through that will be posted soon, sort of a “State of the Union of Saving Country Music” thing. But for now I wanted to get these technical announcements out of the way.

And finally, I will have news on a very exciting upcoming project that has nothing to do with country music, or music at all to share with y’all in the coming days, so stay tuned.

Thanks as always for reading!


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