The Sarah Slean Sheet Music Anthology has arrived!! It only took a few decades! 20 years worth of songwriting in a beautifully designed, spiral bound (HUZZAHHH!!) book.  Over 250 pages and over 40 songs including selections from the Universe EP, Blue Parade, Night Bugs, Day One, The Baroness, The Baroness Redecorates, Land & Sea and Metaphysics – radio favourites Sweet Ones, Weight, Lucky Me, Get Home, Sarah and Set It Free and many more! Vocal/Piano scores for the moderate to advanced player, including chord symbols, lyrics and some guitar tab! While we are doing everything we can to send them out ASAP, in case you don’t receive your package by Christmas due to postal delays, every order comes with a coupon-style ‘certificate of purchase’ that you can print out and put in a card for the recipient. Thank you and ENJOY! Let’s see those videos 😉 

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