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Sentry – Perfect Blue Bubbles

Sentry - Perfect Blue Bubbles

Sentry is watching over listening experiences. There is a place bordered by melancholy introspection and rhythmic vacuousness, this is where Perfect Blue Bubbles exists. Sentry holds listeners in this transitory drift, an underlying depth holding tranquilizing force while electronic willow-wisps encourage thoughts to disperse. Electronic curls, sounds bent around corners with sublime ease, Sentry sinks deep into the conscious. The sonic flow is breathtakingly captivating, a drop bellow into reverberating depths with a burning sparkle in the atmosphere’s periphery. Perfect Blue Bubbles is an aural dosage of balanced head space. 


Jonathan George Fox is the force behind the project Sentry. His composition Perfect Blue Bubbles is a lengthy twelve track ensemble of goose bumps rising within consciousness. The mind begins to rise and reseed with the radiant juxtapositions Sentry creates. One side living in a world of fragrantly sharp ionic bombardments and the other lodged deep within the rooty constructs of heavy bass fortitude. In the end we are cast forth, deep cleaned and polished for new experiences on the tilting horizon in our favor. 


Released on Jollies record in an unknown edition. Full color j-cards with sweet glitter cassette shells. Sonic sparkle defined by both sound and physical beauty. Copies are currently available from the label’s bandcamp page. 






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