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Silent Universe – Immensity (2023; Cryo Chamber) – Avant Music News

Immensity provides a sound palette of deep, slightly hazy drones with voicelike qualities, evoking the vast darkness of the universe and its slow-moving mechanics. A side-project of Ugasanie’s Pavel Mal, Silent Universe also employs “cosmic” synth tones, sequencers, and flowing waves of sculpted white noise. Some of these appear to simulate background radiation, patterns from pulsars, or even signals from intelligent life forms (human or otherwise).

Parts of the album are clearly influenced by the Berlin School, while others are drawn to modern experimental ambient music. Thus, sweeping synths are modulated by a slight unease in the form of discordance and background effects.

Regardless, this is a solid release, more than worthwhile for those who appreciate the aforementioned styles. Thumbs up.

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