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Sir Tad – You’re Home

Sir Tad - You're Home

Neural oscillations are taking a walk to the sounds of Tynan’s melodica. Transportation of thoughts hanging out of the back pocket, like a rolled up spiral notebook filled with saturated ink doodles and cryptic paragraphs. An embodiment of overflowing creativity, sometimes so heavy for this world it needs a little cream and honey. With this Sir Tad creates delicious sounds. Timeless textures of eroding drone brush stroked with unwanted shades of discarded paint. You’re Home seamlessly gradates across life’s textures, infusing in thoughts and heart felt individual nostalgia. 


Where to even begin…. chilled out Negativland from the seventh track “Potential”. Think “Time Zones” from the 1987 album Escape From Noise. The track before that, “We’ve Got It From Here”, is reminiscent of somewhere deep on “Sandinista” by the Clash. A little Budokan Boys, “That’s How You Become a Clown” on the second track “A Little Something About Tynan”. Last comparison, “Break A Leg”, some where buried within the slow roll of thoughts from Ann Magnuson and Mark Kramer on Double Bummer. Sir Tad is complete sonic enjoyment. The pace and track diversity are magnificent. You’re Home has been on repeat, kicked out, then on repeat a whole lot more. As you can tell, the wealth of connections, the totally new directions, and the sublime preciseness to create a sleeping opus… Thank you!

Released on Tynan Tapes Temporal, 2022. This is the label by Sir Tad (Tynan Krakoff). Tynan has a longer running project called Meadow Argus. There are some bundles available on the bandcamp page with Sir Tad previous releases and Meadow Argus releases. Lots to explore, but You’re Home is a beautiful place to begin.






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